Types of Packages

Same Day Courier Lafayette Services

At Same Day Courier Lafayette we deliver a wide variety of packages. Our tailored service provides speed and reliability to ensure your packages are delivered safely and on time.

Same day courier service has revolutionized how companies conduct business on a day to day basis. It provides convenience and urgency for individuals who require items quickly.

Below is a list of just a few of the items that we deliver.


Personal delivery of birthday, thank you or holiday gifts is a special way to show someone how much you care. We will personally pickup and deliver your packages for you. If you forgot your anniversary, his or her birthday or other event, call ahead to his or her favorite store, order and pay for the selected item and we can pick it up for you and deliver it directly to your loved one.
Companies love this service for when they seal a big deal, need to say congratulations or thank you they can call to have that special item picked up and delivered directly to the person or company.

Medical Lab Specimens
Same Day Courier service can be used by any client or medical institution looking to have medical items and specimens delivered to the hospital or lab from one hospital at any time of day.
Airport Packages
We are TSA certified to pickup packages at the airports. For details please contact us.
Construction Supplies
Construction companies or homeowners doing renovation projects may need to supplies, to replace a specific component or item, we can deliver it to you fast, even after hours or on weekends. This will guarantee your construction projects stay on track.
Medication Delivery
If you require medication delivered to your homes or office from the hospital or pharmacy, we can get it to you fast.
Retail Orders
If you require a retail item delivered to you quickly we can help you. We have been known to pick up and deliver items to customers.
For most successful e-commerce business getting the goods delivered to customers fast is their number one prior. On occasion, a customer will require the item to be delivered the same day. We can help to fulfill your orders quickly.
Business Documents
If you are looking to have any business related documents, parcels or packages delivered to clients or to another business during after hours or on weekend in southwest Louisiana. We are licensed by the Louisiana Courts as a Process Server, please give us a call for details.
Additional package or document deliveries are available upon request. Please note that we cannot and will not deliver dangerous or illegal packages.